Thursday, May 03, 2012

Trapped by the Ooey Gooey Goodness

While I was making a dinner of pancakes and bacon last night I had asked my husband to help me out by mixing a cake mix so his tween lifegroup could have a cake to celebrate the birthdays for the past month. While he was mixing it up he informed me that I trapped him into marrying me by enticing him with scrumptious baked goodies. When I was a nanny I did a lot of baking. It was something fun to do with the kids and it is just something that is expected of a nanny. Luckily for him I was pretty good at it and did it weekly which meant he would also get yummy treats to enjoy. He loves chocolate chip cookies, brownies and anything else I would make him. His absolute favorite was an oatmeal cookie that I made and added Raisinets too.
When we got married my baking suddenly stopped short. You see, baking is not something I really enjoy unless it is at Christmas time. There is just something about Christmas and Christmas cookies. They go together like peas and carrots. Same as making pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving or apple pie in the fall after you have visited the apple orchard. I guess you could call me a seasonal baker. I would try to make him happy by making chocolate chip cookie bars but he didn't like those. Hey they were quick and easy for me to make but they weren't the same as my cookies. He felt I was cheating him out of the ooey gooey goodness. Now that I am watching what I eat baking is extremely rare.
Cooking is a passion of mine. People just don't understand how I can like to cook but not bake. With cooking you see it and what you are creating but with baking you just throw it in the oven and let it do the work. Its just not the same.
So the question is did I trap him? :) Maybe I should bake him a pan of brownies to convince him otherwise.