Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes Moments

As a mom, we have a lot of "out of the mouths of babes moments to share". Believe me, when i tell you that it is a daily occurrence in our house. With 5 children ranging in age from 2-12 and their fathers and my genes (Yes, I honestly have a sense of humor, dry as it might be), laughter can be heard through the day.
This morning I was cuddling in bed with my two littlest ones. I so did not want to get out of bed. It was rainy and cold and my allergies have knocked me down on my rear. I told Sprout that she was my littlest princess and Noah was my littlest prince. She proceeds to tell me that Noah is a King. I corrected her and told her that Daddy was the King. Noah then said that Daddy was a Burger King. :)
Noah has also declared to us, after hanging anything that resembles a cape, down his back, that he is "PooperMan". Got to love when they can't pronounce everything yet lol. Yes Noah, you are indeed Pooperman. Speaking of pooperman, potty training is a process that I just can't seem to get the little dude to grasp. He loves wearing big boy underwear but doesn't seem to appreciate the concept of not peeing on Spiderman. Hey it worked for my older too. We even tried not peeing on Dinosaurs and Diego and Footballs. He has been known to just take his pants off and just pee on the floor. This kiddo is going to be a challenge.
My oldest son is going through that abnoxious tween stage of thinking he is awesome. This kid does not lack in self esteem. He was picking his hair (which he refuses to have cut because he wants an Afro) and he said to himself in the mirror " Hey handsome" How are you doing? and smiled at himself. He walks around the house saying random things about how muffins are awesome and his name is Bob the muffin man. Even Noah walks around mimicking him and saying muffins are awesome. It is a daily comedy show here.
My darling Kiarrah is the most serious of all of the kids. She doesn't find things humorous often, including her father. Boy does he try to make her laugh but she just looks at him with this look like " Are you done?"
I love the uniqueness of each of my children and I think it makes my family mesh together so well. I don't try to change the way the kids are. We pull out their strengths and work on their weaknesses. They are each so different but yet, we are family. A family that God meshed together. I love my family. Silliness and all.