Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Little of This and That

Can someone spell busy? Life has been crazy busy here but I seem to thrive in a chaotic lifestyle. Maybe that is why my sister thinks I can manage 4 children like it is the norm. This week I have been filling in as a nanny for a friend whose nanny is sick. I am taking care of a 6 month old and a 7 month old. I love every minute of it and which it could be more of a permanent Part time situation. The girls really enjoy each others company and I actually have time to get little things done. The two of them are so adorable when they lay under the activity gym and stare at each other and then try to grab each other's hands. Their interaction is so sweet. We make quite the scene when I take the kids to school. I carry Gracie in her sling and push Sophia in her stroller. I wish we had a double stroller.
The girls and I are getting ready for our mini trip next week to Indiana. I need to start packing and prepping. I do not want to leave it to last minute like usual. Kiarrah is very excited. I am just trying to figure out the best way to travel with two car seats. I pray that we have a good flight with good weather and no delays. I need to make sure that I prep good carry on bags for a situation like that.
Dominic just got over strep. I hope it's over in the house. I am so sick of all of the illnesses. I think it is due to the fact that we have had such a mild winter.
We had the boys IEP's at school and I am pretty pleased with them. We are going to be getting the services that we need. Jim went with me to the one for Rey and after a little friction we were able to express our concerns and let them know what we expected. Now to figure out what to do with Kiarrah for this Fall. We had planned to have her home schooled by a friend but after speaking to the Neurologist I am just not sure if that is the best thing. Any advice. She is extremely bright and high functioning just has a major lack in impulse control and hyperactivity. She is extremely bossy also. I could really use some input on this. Kindergarten registration is in May so I have until then to make up my mind. I need to sit down and figure out the pros and cons and also find out what the home school rights are in New Jersey.
Not much else going on here. A lot of our friends are going through struggles and that has all been so heavy on my heart. I want to help and reach out. My time is limited but I am making it a priority to do what I can.
On another note I have applied for college. I am anxious but scared to get my butt back in there. I keep playing with a major but in all honesty I have realized that I keep trying to run from what I know I am supposed to do. I want the easy way out. I know that is not what I am to do though. I would really like to pursue the nursing and work in the child psychiatric department. I know I have a long hard road a head of me but I am not going to listen to people tell me that I can't do it. I have a passion there. I am just going to start out school part time and go from there. Heck it is never to late to start. I am not going to waste this life.