Thursday, April 12, 2007

Therapeutic Nursery Program

I found a therapeutic nursery program here in the city and finally after a week they returned my call. After a long conversation with them they told me they would call me back later today today to let me know how long the wait list is for Ki to get into there program. We had a long conversation about how the behavior is different in a child who was born addicted to Crack Cocaine. I have to admit I knew most of what she had to say but it reassured me to know that it isn't from bad parenting skills on my part. I am not saying I am the best parent out there but your kids reflect you. When you have a defiant child so many people out in the public right away judge you and blame it on your parenting skills. Or they are quick to say that your child just needs a swift kick in the pants. They have no clue how the brain was messed up by the drugs or the alcohol that the parents decided to indulge in. Not thinking of the affect it has on their unborn child in utero.
When the woman called me back today they told me that because of Ki's history and the fact that she was in a therapeutic nursery before we left, they moved her name to the top of the list so that she can get back into therapy right away. Praise God. I should expect a phone call from them in the middle of next week.

Finally a Finalization Hearing Date

Finally we have a date for Kiarrahs adoption Finalization Hearing. May 18th will be the big day for our Family. We have been waiting for this day for years!!!!! You can bet that we will have a big party.