Sunday, October 08, 2006

Long Weekend

It has been a long tiring weekend and I wish I could say tomorrow will be relaxing but it won't. Friday night I had English Class and the kids stayed with their "adoptive" grandma. She has been one of my bigger supporters in my life and I thank God for her all of the time. She always makes me feel so much better after I talk to her. She was so sweet. I came home to a nice quiet house with an empty kitchen sink. Jim was away singing in a concert in PA. She was like a proud mom because I came home with my first college Essay that had been graded and I had gotten an A. My parents and my my father in law has also been supportive of me going back to school. It has been such a scary step for me but people have been there to give me advice and encouragement when I needed it the most.
Saturday I got up early and went to a consignment sale at a church with my friend Chris. We were looking for items to buy at good prices to resell on eBay. That is how I make my Christmas money and just to help supplement our income. With my children I am not really able to work outside of the house. Now with school I can't really even do side jobs. It has been a pure faith way of living and God seems to always supply my families needs somehow. We never seem to go without when it is something we really need. You can check out my auctions here
Today we had church and I have been studying off and on for a Huge Biology test tomorrow. I am really worried about it. It is so much information to try and absorb.
The kids have off tomorrow and my husband doesn't have to work. Maybe I will be able to sleep in a little. Jim is working security at our new church building tonight with Dominic until 11, so I know Dominic will be tired.
unfortunately, Kiarrah usually gets up early regardless of the time she goes to bed. Hopefully I can get her to play quietly in her room until at least 8am. Boy do I miss the days of sleeping in.
Back to the books I must go.